A security challenge for hackers to train and educate themselves. Usually it is exploiting or defending a vulnerability in a system or application, or gaining or preventing access to a computer system...
"Look bro, you need to pat $50 to get into this war game, but if you manage to crack that db before everyone, $1000 will be yours..."
by Neizen September 4, 2015
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A stupid ass war that people that engage in it think they're better than everyone else just because they hate on games they don't like. You can have your opinions on games, you don't have to like a certain game, but just don't shove your hate for a game down our ass.
Game war person: Fortnite is 💩🤮🚮, minecraft =👑, and anyone who disagrees is gay !1!!1!
Me: nobody gives a shit
by Leninent July 10, 2020
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Drinking Game at Babson College. 2 Teams. One is Union, one is Confederate. 3 solo cups per player. 2 Players per side. 4 Ping pong balls. RAPID FIRE. Drink before you shoot. If you lose your 3 cups you can't shoot but your partner can. If you lose all 6 cups you lose.
Created by Mike Markarian and Andrew Starr.
First played by Mike Greenleaf, Andrew Starr, Collin Cook, Dylan Press.
by Michael Greenleaf September 3, 2007
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A war in which the fan boys of both PlayStation and X-box argue about which is better.PC fan boys stand by and claim to be "the glorious PC master race"often stating(just as much as console fan boys)that they're are best,and are to up themselves to realize they're just as bad.All the while Nintendo stays in the background gaming and doing exactly what the PC fan boys claim to be doing,and for that they're discriminated against.Oh and by the way no I am not a Nintendo fan boy.
The console/gaming war:
PlayStation BEST!
by DON'TWORRYI'MLEGIT December 5, 2013
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A kid who thinks hes cool bcs he argues about a game bcs he unhappy in his life
Eww fortnite is so bad I love doing game wars kids ur not cool
by The55 February 25, 2021
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also known as stellaris.
its a game where you commit War crimes... IN SPACE!
Billy: "You like stellaris?"
Bill: "Do you mean: Space War Crimes: The game?"
by Ofton February 12, 2020
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