Longneck the devastating disease causing someone to believe they are a quality rapper. The Longneck is highly contagious, some early symptoms which can be noticed are purchasing $20 worth of beer, or identifying the forest as your home. If you start moving your hands in strange ways and making mouth motions that make no sense, it is recommended that you consult with a doctor as this most likely means you have contracted longneck.
You: "See that delusional rapper counting dollar bills in the forest"
Your friend: "Yeah stay away from that dude he has a mean case of longneck"
by THELONGNECK February 14, 2016
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The random yelling of a made up word in order to get attention or anger some one.
"URRRRRR!!!" "Man that was a good long neck, you scared the piss out of him!"
by Jay Bonnaer December 13, 2007
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a vegetarian. comes from long necked animals being herbivores.
youve had enough salad, eat some beef you longneck
by seanom October 07, 2007
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"Thats a Long Neck"
"Grow A Neck"
"Oppisite To James Lovell"
"Damn, thats a Long Neck"
by Marist Regional Collage April 07, 2004
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A Submarine Sandwich, e.g.: hoagie, sub, grinder, hero, etc
I feel like a Longneck for supper, tonight!
by SpongeRobert December 14, 2019
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