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A person who is from Long Island (usually from either Nassau or Suffolk). We do not think we're from the city, and never claim to be from there. We're not all homosexual either, I personally only know 2 homosexuals thank you very much. Some say we're stuck up, and we can be. We aren't from upstate so whoever thinks that is a fucking idiot. Oh, we curse a lot. Long Islanders have nothing to do at night because the nightlife is actually DEAD. We don't go to the city that often even though it's so damn close. We go to the beach a lot(most likely a private beach club). Some Long Islanders are from rich areas, or middle class, or poor. We're not all rich, white, and jewish. We don't all get $40,000 cars. But we do tend to be slightly spoiled. We're New Yorkers whether we're from the city or not, Long Island is still in NY. People tend to be jealous of us but, why wouldn't you be?
Stereotypical long islander: 17-year-old girl with Daddy's credit card, driving a new BMW 6 series, texting on her new Swarovski crystal encrusted Juicy Couture Sidekick and carrying a Gucci handbag.

Reality: 17-year-old girl who's been working since she was 15, driving a used car that was either bought for her or she paid for, texting on her pink Razr, and carrying a Coach bag.
by longislandgirl July 28, 2006
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Just regular everyday people, I don't know where this guy who wrote the other definition got his information but he's an asshole, I live on long island and there really aint to many rich people where I'm from, and not to many rich bitches
Long Islanders all day, Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nothin To Fuck Wit
by Started off on the island October 06, 2006
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a long islander has the best of both worlds--the greatest city in the world and some nice beaches all within 15-20 miles. the only people that resent long islanders are people who live in shitty areas of the city...people who wish they could afford a park avenue address...people who know they could never afford long island real estate. so basically, deal with it. classy areas of nyc don't want you and neither does long island.
people from east new york or o-zone park hate long islanders because they're jealous that they can't afford manhattan or long island.
by ella January 25, 2005
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People who reside in Long Island, New York. People who live around 30 minutes away from the city(NYC), people who are awesome. People who love good food and shopping. Half of them have an accent similar to a typical New Yorker accent while others have only a slight New York accent. Great people. Very friendly..well, for the most part.
peoplelong islandersawesomelong islandnew york
by longislandisme February 05, 2010
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Some of the greatest people around. People who have everyhting they will ever need or want in their reach.
I would like to see a few Long Islanders tear Brokelynguy a new asshole...
by LongIs September 09, 2004
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People who often attend upstate schools yet brag about how great long island is and how much it sucks at the school/city they are attending. Daddy buys them everything and anything.
Signs of someone from LI:
Girls wear head bands, cut off sweat pants, uggs or flip flops, sweatshirts, and rarely shower. UNLESS they are going out... then it can be 10 degrees and they have barely any clothes on.
Guys = assholes.
Most likely in a fraternity or sorority.
by UB student April 05, 2005
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