A huge alcohol induced crap one takes after an excess period of time of feeling amazing. Symptoms include: excess gas and drowsiness.
Dave: Ronkonkoma...that sounds like a big crap.
Me: My stomach is really feeling this Ronkonkoma right now.
Ben: Welcome to Ronkonkoma.
Sam: It sure is windy in Ronkonkoma.
by nBills March 27, 2010
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Ronkonkoma is a lower middle class area that is infested with drugs and crime. Heroin needles and empty liquor bottles can be found on the side of most streets. That being said, the people here are friendly and outgoing. It is the large amount of dopeheads who cause most problems.
Ronkonkoma is a place that needs cleaning up.
by Matty bags July 7, 2013
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One of the most dangerous neighborhoods in NY murder rape and everything else be careful
by REAL ONE YUH October 2, 2020
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A happenin place to be.
lets chill in ronkonkoma tonight.
by JAFIE June 23, 2006
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I live in a town called Ronkonkoma, where apparently the drinking age here is 12 and drugs are legal. The Ronkonkoma cops have nothing better to do on their time ..so they like to kick you out of parks when its after "dusk". If a cat is stuck in a tree... we might need 6 or 7 cops for that.. and here in the daring town we need under cover cops and Suv's .. you know cause were that bad in this small town. "BEER" yeah thats hidden in bushes and saved for the next weekend. Wendys and the getty gas station is where all the bums hang out and drink lots of beer and yell at kids.. and for sure on a Saturday or Friday night.. 80% of Ronkonkoma is most defantely DRUNNNKKKK..... Ronkonkoma = ALCHOLICS.. there are ahbout 16 bars in ronkonkoma, each in walking distance from one another....Ronkonkoma was meant for YOUNG DRUGGIES AND ALCHI'S :).................... AND ANYONE WHO LIVES IN RONKONKOMA... if you see a giant clan of stupid skateboarders, make sure to run over their boards because they are the most annoying group of 8 year olds you'll ever meet. Ronkonkoma is the place where 10 year olds can now do more than i'm allowed to at this current age, ronkonkoma sucks!!
wow i went to ronkonkoma, and all i saw was skaters, some punks at mcdonalds, and loads of bums
by Rika.Flem. November 11, 2006
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Ronkonkoma, long island, new york.
You know you've really LIVED here when:
you went to either Samoset, Seneca, or Sequoya.
you went to/attending North or South.
you walk home alot, and have noticed that most of the potheads do also.
you're friends with a few potheads.
you are a pothead.
handball court at raynor, need i say more?
your name is somewhere located on a table at raynor.
you wouldnt dare to swim in the lake.
youve been on the dock.
youve been in the Shell gas station.
youve been to the McDonalds drive-through.
wendys is cool, mcdonalds fine, but we all know BURGER KING OWNS~!
regal and smithaven are very popular.
youve been in value village a lot.
RIP gettystation<3
it all goes down on hawkins/portion and lake ronkonkoma road.

dude where you wanna go tomorrow?
by yurgaynigg March 23, 2009
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