A town located on Long Island ( which is NOT part of NYC) in between the North and South Forks (and no, it's not part of the Hamptons either). Also known as River-Hood to many of its inhabitants, though it may be noted that is only ok for people from Riverhead to call it that. Otherwise it's just plain rude. It may also be called home to the best Middle School (and High School too, while we're at it) track team, the best cross country team, the best Latin program... You get the picture.
E.G: Those kids from Riverhead kicked our butts in _______ (fill in the blank here) yesterday.
by ~*Hmmm...*~ March 22, 2007
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A place where absolutely nothing happens. The county seat for suffolk county, and pretty much the center of all of long island, riverhead is very boring. There may be an outlet center, and a shitload of stores and car dealerships, but other than that riverhead blows. Riverhead high school, the home of the fake "orange" spray on tan, as well as fake people, is also the home of the blue waves, who kick major ass in everything EXCEPT LACROSSE. Many long island gangs and nationwide gangs such as the crips and bloods have made themselves at home in the greens, and main street, where machete slayings occur weekly at a local MS-13 owned bar. drugs are part of daily riverhead life, riverhead is the home of many ethnicities which mainly keep to themselves, and live in separate areas of the town too. (commonly referred to as riverhood, but only by the kids who live in riverhead. also home to the worlds biggest whores.. like. biggest)
man1: ugh did that sign say the last exit on the highway was riverhead??
man2: yeah
man 1: were going to die...
by a riverheadian May 28, 2011
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a riverhead girl are girls who puff there hair up to the size of queen latifas booty,and never shut the fuck u. all riverhead girls need to just shut there mouths for once and stop taking upward faggy pictures of there sluttyness and take there guy friends hats off for once
guy 1: damn those riverhead girls are annoying
guy 2: yeah i know, but you can bang them so easily
by yourgrandmasgrandma. January 28, 2011
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This school is full of country cousin fucking kids. If your slightly different you get hated apon and you stand out. They spend all their money on football and nothing else. Don't go here if your gay.
Riverheads High School has problems.
by Riverheads High school rate November 30, 2021
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