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A person who is from Long Island (usually from either Nassau or Suffolk). We do not think we're from the city, and never claim to be from there. We're not all homosexual either, I personally only know 2 homosexuals thank you very much. Some say we're stuck up, and we can be. We aren't from upstate so whoever thinks that is a fucking idiot. Oh, we curse a lot. Long Islanders have nothing to do at night because the nightlife is actually DEAD. We don't go to the city that often even though it's so damn close. We go to the beach a lot(most likely a private beach club). Some Long Islanders are from rich areas, or middle class, or poor. We're not all rich, white, and jewish. We don't all get $40,000 cars. But we do tend to be slightly spoiled. We're New Yorkers whether we're from the city or not, Long Island is still in NY. People tend to be jealous of us but, why wouldn't you be?
Stereotypical long islander: 17-year-old girl with Daddy's credit card, driving a new BMW 6 series, texting on her new Swarovski crystal encrusted Juicy Couture Sidekick and carrying a Gucci handbag.

Reality: 17-year-old girl who's been working since she was 15, driving a used car that was either bought for her or she paid for, texting on her pink Razr, and carrying a Coach bag.
by longislandgirl July 28, 2006
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