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Long head (or long 'ed) is a term usually used to describe someone (or something) that is long; however, it is more directly used in reference towards a person who is lazy/idle/unmotivated/annoying/self worshiping

'Im going to Download festival this year'
'Im not; too many long heads trying to out metal each other'

'Why are you late for work?'
'My car wouldn't start. It was being a long head'

Elton John is a long 'ed

by Dave Burden December 13, 2007
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Someone who is taking a long time
β€˜Nathan turner, pick up FaceTime! You are such a longhead!’
by Kalishka November 01, 2017
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Someone who's head is so long it's as high as Burj khalifa.
If you want to talk to them you can't ... Cause their head is literally in the clouds
Where are youuu long head can u bend down can u see clouds from up there ???
by Whateverselena March 17, 2019
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