A tour that Nirvana was supposed to headline in 1994. I think we all know how that played out.
Kurt Cobain's death cast a dark shadow over Lollapalooza 1994.
by Squid Wrangler May 08, 2005
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Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell introduced most of us to the word "lollapalooza" -- a slang term meaning "something or someone striking or unusual."
that is so lollapalooza.
by amy lin June 27, 2005
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a music festival with the best new talent in rock and metal
i am goin to lollapalooza to get shitfaced and rock my ass off!
by ike September 28, 2003
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music festival in chicago, also known on the streets as a three day orgasm
"wow danielle im so jealous you had a lollapalooza last week, he must be great in bed"
"yeah i know ive only had one other lolla in my whole life..not even a full lollapalooza"
by cannabis viarga August 05, 2010
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when something hilarious is said and starts a chain reaction of laughter and the laughter doesn't stop until someone gets a laugh attack!

2. a tour of alt/indie bands started by the frontman of the indie band Jane's Addiction
1. Nerd: I'm gonna go level 17 mage windblast on your butt!
Jock: hah hah hah hah hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha omg ah ah ha ha ha ha ah ah ah
Jock 2: ah aah ah ha aha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha hah ha ha ha haa
Jock: ahahahha oh schnikes!! chest pain!!! crap! ahah can't stop laughing though!!!

2.Music fan 1: Dude i'm going to coachella!!!!! hell yeah!!
Music fan 2:fuck you i'm going to Vans Warped Tour!
Music fan 3: screw u all, i'm going to go to lollapalooza!!
Music fan 1 & 2: ur concert killed kurt cobain...
by Marc De Leon May 04, 2008
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An annual music festival which was established by Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell. Ran annually from 1991-1997, restarted in 2003, restarted again in 2005-present. Used to showcase many bands of the rock/metal/alternative/indie genres, and even featured some rap artists. In its earlier years, (91-97) its success was helped by many famous and enjoyed bands at the time, such as (but not limited to) Soundgarden, Primus, RHCP, Metallica, Korn, Tool, Green Day, Audioslave and Sonic Youth.

In recent years, it has lost popularity most likely blamed on unheard artists or Guitar Hero competitions onstage. As of 2010, Lollapalooza will most likely be known as 'cool' by the pop culture, thanks to Lady Gaga crowd surfing nearly naked. I, like many fans of the genres mentioned above will continue to enjoy Lollapalooza, but not without losing respect for the festival. This decline in respect will most likely be blamed on mainstream pop artists joining future lineups for the festival, following Lady Gaga's spectacle.
Guy: Dude! You wanna go to Lollapalooza with me?

Dude: Nah man, that place is garbage now.
by YoullNeverGuessMeName August 15, 2010
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