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did you hear about steve? When i heard i loled for hours
by MysticalParrot November 15, 2004
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Lol(past tense)
For lazy people; used instead of "laughed out loud".
Guy:It wasn't that funny...
Girl:OMG, yes it was, I totally lol-ed.
by Lacieface February 28, 2008
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'LOLed' is the past tense of LOL(laughing out loud) but does not make sense as it means 'laughing out louded'. But the person wants to say 'laughed out loud'. It is used very rarely, and is used mostly by internet dumbos, lazyasses and blondes.
I LOLed yesterday on hearing that joke. Hehe!!!! Hello? U therrr??? LOL!!!!
by WannaBeCow September 02, 2006
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An expression you use when something is way too funny, your brain doesn't work and it's the only word you can think of.
(Is prenounced: la-wul-ed)
*A friend says something really funny*
You: "Oh my gosh i just loled in my pants REALLY hard!"
by Brittanayyyy February 01, 2011
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abbreviation for: laugh out loud

usually when people say "lol", they really don't lol. but if you want to make it really clear that you are "lol"ing. you say -"DAYM NUCCA, IM REALLY LOLING"
carly and sam just loled because they found good ways to get revenge on some dirty little two-facedd creature. (:

by sambendaaa,&carlylindline June 18, 2008
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LoL'ed - verb. Short form for "Laughed out loud"; Derivative of lol
"I LoL'ed so hard after outing your father by sharing the link to his "seeking men" PlentyOfFish account with our entire school".
by Spazmatik83 September 09, 2012
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