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The act of 'actually' Laughing Out Loud.
Loling is not to be confused with typing "lol".
You actually have to break a laugh.
"Hahaha, I'm loling myself right now!"~Thatoneperson.
by Larry. June 01, 2006
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A word adapted from the word lol
Usually used to replace the word,
It is the plural of lol.
lolings at your face it is quite funny!
by J.Shippo the Hippo May 24, 2008
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means to be laughing out loud, not to get confused with lol. the act of loling is an amazing experince to laugh at funny things such as shauncey, devan, shell whale, krabz, and other funny sea creatures. loling may lead to rofling
Example 1:
"omg did you see shauncey and devan?"
"psh yeah i started loling"

Example 2:
"dude krabz"
"dude im loling"
by laughingoutloud101 July 20, 2009
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Doing random useless bs during the time when works is supposed to be done.
I was LOLing instead of typing up that report.
by Y0uto0b May 30, 2009
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