A Cloth covering a mans genital region. Usually made of animal skin. Loin Cloths are close to pointless because they are lacking a back.
" Woah check out that guys sweet loin cloth"
" Gross"
by StephanieAlex March 14, 2006
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When, mid-afternoon, your underpants lose all elasticity and hold, and hang lifeless like a loin cloth.
Its only 1pm and I am already Loin Clothing, my left ball is stuck to my leg. I'm 'picking a winner' every 5 minutes.
by Andross1978 April 24, 2009
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An expansive massive of pubic hair that opaquely covers the genitals, descending from just under the naval, all the way down, then ascending towards the anus, where it may or may not end. Some loin cloths have been known to continue to just above the sacrum.
"If her sacrum was the horizon, then her loin cloth was the ocean."

"My girl digs the hairy back--but she hates the loin cloth."
by Harry Keratin January 6, 2013
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To drape a soft fabric across your legs, during masturbation, just enough that it will tickle your testicles while masterbating.
Richy did The Loin Cloth last night, it changed his life.
by BMacDaddy June 1, 2015
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