Getting hit in the face with a hockey stick during a field hockey match and losing teeth or breaking jaw bones
damn that fool came from the wrong side and got lochaned
by surfers field hockey man May 29, 2009
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Lochan is a loving guy who has the biggest heart. Super athletic and does whatever is takes to win. He is the prettiest eyes and an amazing body!!
Lochan is such a stud
by nakdbekansbe April 2, 2020
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A Lochan is a chill and awesome person who you can trust. She is very nice when you get to know her. She is a great person to talk to and will have ALOT of inside jokes with you. At first, she may be quiet and show little emotions but once you get to know her, it's awesome being her friend!
OMG you were nice today???? Thats SO Lochan of you!!!!!!!!!!!
by kpop123 December 10, 2019
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Bhosadpappu person with no humour at all. Better to stay away from this person. He will waste your time and treat you badly. Worst person of all time. Kinda worst experience with Lochans.
Even hideous with girls. TRUST ME!!
He is a Lochan.

Let’s not try to be Lochan.
by Chutiya123 November 24, 2021
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The clever, cunning, hopeful scion of Annieth, <Throne of Glass, Sarah J Maas> who can don any personality as easily as a piece of clothing and manipulate anything/one, including Mr Lord Lorcan Lochan. She has an injured ankle, and was enslaved by her uncle, but serves the court of Terrasen loyally. Lady of Perranth. Frequently has heavy menstrual cycles, as is brought into many amusing scenes, most of them involving Mr Lord Lorcan Lochan shredding various articles of his clothing for her to stuff down her pants. She is of witch descent, claimed by the blackbeaks although her blood runs red. Friend of Abraxos.
Random man- *looks at elide*
Lorcan- STOP LOOKING AT MY WIFE *grabs elide*
Elide Lochan- bro we’re in the marshes. No one cares. That was a ruse like, ten villages ago. *proceeds to ignore him after he betrays her queen*
Lorcan- I luv u tho
Elide- WHAT
Lorcan- hmm what did Rowan do...? Aha. LETS FIND A WAY OUT OF THE DARKNESS TOGETHER
Elide- no. Lorcan- but Elide- no. Lorcan- but Elide- sprints across battlefield on Farasha (the butterfly) Get your ass up you’re not dying on me
by Fictionaryy October 30, 2020
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