If you have a Farasha as a friend, don't lose her. Sometimes, her unique but yet stupid sarcasm can get you puzzled and tired. She's a great friend since she'll always be by your side when you're going through hard times; she'll help you feel better as an individual. But, there's one thing about her. She loves gossiping and bitching about people she doesn't like, and she has her way of getting to know gossip first. But, she never dares bitches about the people who she considers as her friends. You will also feel that she looks high all the time; since she always says shitty and vulgar stuff. Her mind is polluted but she is very caring about people.

Farasha loves to laugh with many, but never trusts any. If she does trust you, you must be very special to her.
"Omg, you're such Farasha material."
by hoefor/realtho March 21, 2018
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Arabic for butterfly.

Also slang for crack addict.

You're such a farasha.

Hi, I'm a farasha.

Look at that farasha.

Could you please catch that farasha?

Agh! There's a farasha caught in my hair!
by Farasha 7531 February 28, 2007
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Arabic for butterfly.

Also slang for a crack addict.
Look at that farasha!

Hello, I'm a farasha.

There's a farasha support group this weekend.

Catch that blue farasha!

Agh! There's a farasha in my hair!
by Farasha 7531 March 3, 2007
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