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(Australian Colloquialism) The act of smearing one's adversary's teeth with the sweat from the underside of one's scrotum; To dish out a lloydy, to give someone a lloydy
"Davo copped a lloydy from Macca"
by Bensil Marmoset February 03, 2004
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A person who frequents football messageboards and insults both players and fans, and repeats himself ad nauseum. Do not attempt to meet him in public as he is strangely timid in person, but the opposite in cyberspace.
An example of a Lloyd-ism 'Sullivan shouldn't be in the team, he never get's wide enough, he won't get near the first team, we've got much better players than him. Angells shit as well.I only speak the truth cos you lot are too scared.'
by August 10, 2004
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a foolish young boy aged 16-18 mainly filled with crap, unfuny jokes and tends to have operations on body parts
by the West Derby sixth form November 12, 2003
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Also known by the term 'Janner Monkey', this rare and unusual creature will most often be found in its natural habitat of 'Robinson bar stools'.
Tendancy to diplay its diving/post-accident dancing abilities when under the influence.
Bizarre insistance that monkeys do not have paws.
Doing a 'lloydy'
by Laffers May 20, 2004
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