you want to die but you don't want to
aka: why shouldn't i commit suicide or what is the point of life etc.
Jeremy was at school one day and he asked alex: give me a reson to live
give me a reason to live which means that he had to think of a reason to live
by Fruit Gutz December 3, 2020
Verb / \ 'liv\ The act of purposely acquiring or purchasing clothing, jewelry or accessories for the sole purpose of satisfying the deep seated desire to be "Steve"
Greg: Wow, you just bough a new Rolex. That's same one Steve has.
Judd: Are you sure it's the same? I would hate to have the same watch as Steve
Greg: I'm nearly certain that's Steve's watch
Judd: Yeah, truth be told, I wanna "live like Steve"
by Lil Won October 12, 2017
n. The sexual act of having sex with a girl who is menstrating and getting blood onto her vagina, then at her orgasm pulling out and smacking her with your testacles.
Dude I had sex with Brittney the other night, when I saw she was on her period, I pulled a Living Water Candy Apple on her!
by P.O, E.S, E.L January 8, 2012
A squalid and overcrowded urban apartment inhabited by young, very poor but somehow hip people.
"Co-living is the new slums, man, I can't front 3 times my rent just to move into some shithole in Brooklyn."
by singleservingfrd November 3, 2019
To pee in your pants because you can no longer hold it in.
Dude, if you don't pull into a gas station in the next 3 minutes, I'm gonna live-stream.
by Maryland, USA February 17, 2020