A loser who is the worst at fortnite and calls people bad even though he's worse.
Bro my friend is such an Unlisted LIVE.
by ClownerClown original December 1, 2019
A way to better your life and improve heath and fitness
I started a new “live-it” last week I feel so much better
by Originalurbanswag June 6, 2019
A healthy way of eating and living that saves lives
I just went on a live-it I feel so great and my grandma is still alive
by Originalurbanswag June 6, 2019
To type up math notes during a lecture using the Tex or LaTeX markup languages. While it is difficult to do, and it requires learning the language well and being able to type it fast, it results in digital notes that look quite nice and are easier to edit or search through than handwritten notes.
My handwriting is bad, and I always lose physical notes, so I just live-tek these calculus lectures.
by matar_diop October 5, 2020
An 8-16yo who are a pain in the ass all over the internet, especially Xbox live, where they continue to think they rule everything, everywhere. Also known as Trollers, these idiots continue on their tyrannous so called "Reign of the Internet" posting on such sites as Very Demotivational and Fail Blog. We should wipe these pathetic beings from our planet and make the world a better place.
Live Loser: "OMG the other day i was playing halo reach when all of a sudden my mum came in and told me to get a life"

Normal Person: Dude, you are such a Live Loser
by Toil3tBomba395 May 23, 2011
"Live-Laugh-love" is a phrase which could be used as a singular word to describe love, fortune, and happiness in ones living.
Hey Debrah Mcaddams how has your morning been?
Ohh, its been great Suzanne. I took a stroll in the park with William and Bethanne.
That sounds nice. I have to run to pick Jimmy up from church. Live-Laugh-Love.
You too Suzanne Leigh!!!
by nicoleiller84lovey January 10, 2023
Used to describe a livestream that is replaying an older stream (that has the words Live in it).
"Oh, it's not live? Is this Fake Live?"
by BeenThereDoneALOTofThat March 25, 2021