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Traditionally, a Lithuanian Jew, but more commonly a Jewish person who believes themselves to be intellectually superior and places great emphasis upon wordly items, such as money, cars, and prestige. They place little emphasis upon traditional Judaism and are instead obsessed with self-affluency and the need to belittle others for ascendency and fortune.
Did Rachel have her bat mitzvah at the synagogue? At the synagogue, HA! They had it at the Beverly Hills Wilshire and the catering was shrimp and cavear from Spago's because they are a bunch of superifical litvaks!
by shlonganator November 24, 2009
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A leather clad teenager looking to cause trouble with the elderly and the authority figures of the community.
Those Litvaks are taking over the downtown area

If you go out at night you might get attacked by a Litvak
by Ocelot February 10, 2005
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