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A badass webdesign company that rules at everything they do.
I need a badass web page i go to Mirc chan #lithicdesigns
by Tragik June 13, 2003
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adj: a color darker than black, derived from lithium

Usually associated with bipolar disorder or mania. People prescribed with BPD sometimes think of moods as colors. Lithic is darker than black.

Can sometimes be used to actually describe something dark, but is usually associated with BPD emotions.
"I'm so depressed, I'm lithic."

"He's near suicidal; he's lithic."

"His eyes were so dark they seemed lithic."
by Girltronikk Prototype February 24, 2007
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Bruh have you listened to lithics new song!? It’s fire as fuck!!
by YaBoi56 October 04, 2018
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