Person who has never show to the others the activities he can do best. So, nobody will recognise it and he with his talent and his abilities will stay unsung.
If Kobe Bryant lived in India or Iran and trained there he would never become a great NBA player and stayed unsung for all his life.
by SlaSh.exe October 16, 2007
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Someone who does a great job yet receives little or no recognition for that. an unsung hero usually refrains from claiming too much in return for his/her efforts.
"Mikel Arteta was considered to be Arsenal FC's unsung hero this season."
by Behradeth June 05, 2013
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An unsung hero is a person who commits an extraordinary act but does not receive recognition or proper respect. However, as the late George Carlin put it, "As soon as someone is identified as an unsung hero, they no longer are."
Pizza delivery people are the unsung heroes of the 21st century
by The Notorious J.O.G. January 26, 2017
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