Able to read and write in one's native language. The opposite of 'literate' is 'illiterate'.
You're not smart. You're not even literate!
by Diggity Monkeez February 13, 2005
1. a unit of metric measurement
2. as demonstated in "Super Troopers", shorthand notation (in French) for 'gimme some fuckin cola!'
damn, deez here litre bottlez is chuggalious

Farva: you know what i want? a liter of cola. liter's french for GIMME SOME FUCKIN COLA!
by Anonymous October 7, 2003
Often used on Facebook by idiots. Adverb carrying the meaning of 'figuratively'. In real life means 'literally'.
OMG my phone its literally blowin up wit texts rite now.
by SarcasticBastard November 4, 2011
I literally died of laughter when Karen call him a penis butt.
by SparkyZee May 19, 2017
A phrase LeafyIsHere uses all the time making everyone want to commit suicide
"He is LITERALLY a 25 year old man!"
by LunaStark292 October 28, 2016
French for give me some fucking cola before I break your fucking lip.
"I want a god damn liter of cola."

"I dont know what that is."

"Liter is french, for give me some fucking cola before I break your fucking lip!"
by colincatastrophe September 24, 2006
Literally means actually or without exaggeration.

Saying literally, you are describing something exactly how it happened, you are being literal.
1. The mo ate the tuna and literally broke out into hives, seriously, my friend.
2. I literally pissed my pants laughing at that awesome joke.
by SpicyCrawTaters June 9, 2014