A very edgy leaf that people like Jacob Sartorious regularly cut themselves on.
I cut myself on LeafyIsHere. He's so goddamn edgy.
by LeafyWasThere August 28, 2016
A man who is considered by many of to be the father of commentary on YouTube. Opened his channel in 2011, took a hiatus in 2017, returned briefly in 2020 until being terminated a few months later. Guess he couldn't exist in the landscape today.
"I want my fucking award for the biggest youtube channel banned now" - Leafyishere
by thedud3withaphone August 26, 2020
A.K.A Leafy, LeafyIsBeafy, LeafyIsQueefy, Reptilian Leader.

LeafyIsHere - Leader of the Reptilian Brother Hood. He makes YouTube videos about drug experiences, like Luna or xCodeh. He mostly plays videos games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, on a game mode called "surf", but he isn't very good.......( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). He is mostly known for his fans commenting "hissssss" on other YouTuber's videos. He also forgets to say "Leaf a Like" at the end of his videos.
Friend 1). Hey do you watch LeafyIsHere?
Friend 2). Hisssssssssss!
Friend 1). Hissssssssssssssss!
Stranger 1). Are you guys ok?
Friends 1&2). HISSSSSSSSSSSSS! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
by ItsZeny October 23, 2015
LeafyIsHere Is A YouTube Channel Run By 22 Year Old Utahn Calvin Vail. It Became Very Popular In Early And Mid 2016 And Has Grown To Over 4 Million Subscribers. His Videos Are Commentary Centered, With Most Of Them Bashing The Obscure And Cringeworthy Videos That Exist On The Internet, With Gameplay Footage In The Backround. This Has Lead Him To Both Blow Up The Commentary Community Along With Himself, And Giving Him A Controversial Persona. Although LeafyIsHere Isn't Currently Active Or Popular, He Has Set An Amount Of Influence For Modern YouTube.
Have Any Of You Watched LeafyIsHere?
by DarkPit99Swell March 24, 2018
Hey guys it's Scarce here, and coming in we have a story from LeafyIsHere, a huge YouTuber, you guys probably know him
by GalaxyKnightRX August 25, 2016
The epitome of the act of cyber-bullying. A twenty-year old chap who finds enjoyment in ranting, degrading, and underrating peoples talents, especially Stomedy, Whitney Wisconsin aka "The Dog Fucker", and Rolf Sartorius.
Jacob Sartorius: "Baby you can wear my sweatshirt."
LeafyIsHere: "This kid literally needs to slit his wrists, rub bleach on them, and drink the concoction of which he had just made."
by Kylee_donnell June 21, 2016