caring too much in what people think about you and your social status. not doing what you want to do because you're too concerned in other's view of yourself.
sally: i want to hook up with jermey.
belle: stop being so fucking socially-conscious and do it!
sally: ugh but he is weird and im scared of what people will think of me.
by oldschoolgirl January 13, 2014
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Being conscious and aware of social media and its impact on you or your business.
we are a company that is socially conscious as we care what people are saying online about us, that may effect our reputation
by fratorob March 1, 2017
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A person, usually old, that is well versed in current memes, common slangs and and internet culture.
James: Yeah my dad knows what an eggplant emoji (🍆) is used for haha. Jack: Dude, he's a social media conscious boomer!
by Vicbuscus July 25, 2020
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