N. Form of speech. Special vocabulary with characteristics of the future. It originates from New York City. Its also used as an adjective when people describe their particular swagger. They can say thats my "futuristic lingo" or I have "futuristic lingo". Any future slang is futuristic lingo.
"Swag is dead, I got that Futuristic Lingo."
by Dermot Sutherland June 18, 2011
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Kind of language use by Latin Americans, which comes from bend american english and mexican (mainly) spanish. Main area of use is south of USA.
Songs: 'Latin thugs' and 'Latin lingo' by Cypress Hill and 'Caress me down' by Sublime
by ziemaican February 25, 2007
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The generic name given to the set of slangs commonly used by undergraduate students of the reputed Indian Instititutes of Technology. Knowledge of IIT Lingo is traditionally passed down from existing batches to new batches of IIT students.

A word form IIT lingo of special mention (because it is so overused) is 'arbit', short for arbitrary.
IIT Lingo includes abbreviations of words like ob.(obviously) and gen.(generally), Indian corruption of English words like pondy (porn) and frustapa (frustration) and suffixes like -max (lolmax, frustapa-max, etc.) apart from other such bewildering alterations.
by imbesty November 5, 2010
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Bajingo Lingo is how the vagina attempts to justify sleeping with someone a woman usually wouldn't sleep with when her judgment isn't compromised by booze, horniness, or long sexual dry spells. Can occur either drunk or sober and can be in the form of either rationalization or pleading.
"Sure he's ugly, but he's really into you." "Oh God, you are SOOOOO horny." "Oh come on, it's been 6 months since you've been laid." "Everybody is beautiful in the dark." "Please, sister. Like you have any better offers?" "Is this a mistake or is this just Bajingo Lingo?"
by &rea September 3, 2009
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Anything that sounds awesome and just comes to your mind!
Like using insulting words (like bitch) to be friendly.
That's the sex! (He's/she's the sex)
That's rad!
Hey sexy (when seeing a fellow friend)
Lets Kick it, babe (when leaving some place)
Fantasticly Fab!
Hey bitch.
She's his whore/ she's a whore(she taken)
You have the unicorn spirt today! (your happy today)
That's fabby!
We arn't using scene lingo , we're just awesome!
by TheUnicorn August 24, 2006
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Words and letters used, when communicating online, to shorten the amount of letters you have to type, to get a point across, or to describe what you mean, or what you are doing.
Here are a few examples of Cyber Lingo:

OMG=Oh My God

LOL=Laugh Out Loud

SMH=Shaking My Head

LMAO=Laughing My A$$ Off

BRB=Be Right Back

JK=Just Kidding

IDK=I Don't Know

STFU=Shut The F#@& Up

CUL8R=See You Later

RME=Rolling My Eyes

H8RZGH8=Haters Gonna Hate

FAIL=You Failed at your attempt to: Reply, Joke, or whatever you were trying to do, or accomplish, with your post, or picture.

L8RZ=Later (See ya! Bye!)

PWND=Owned (You got: outdone, worked over, a$$ kicked, told, wiped out, shown what was up, beat)

(There are many more, this is a small example.)
by Sweet1o1 November 5, 2010
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