Slang that is associated in any act of playing video games.
"I hate noobs!"....."Damn dude I just got bodied"......" I hope you packed some marshmallows with all the camping your doing" - gamer lingo
by @GamerLingo July 29, 2014
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Hip Lingo is the generic term used to categorize most modern slang. Mostly common among teenagers and ghetto wannabes. Usually you wouldn't seriously say this stuff out loud unless you're an idiot.
Guy1: I keep seeing people saying their hair is "on fleek" and how these others are "bae." This generation's vernacular is so strange.

Guy2: That's hip lingo for you.
by ProfessorMop June 16, 2016
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A word to define the way bros talk to and about each other by shorting the word, yet the other bro still knows exactly what he's saying.
Kenny: Hey bro, can i barrow some pape? i'm all out and ima roll a join

Cbass: Yeah fosho home, wana hit up this part late?

Kenny: Yeah nig i'll hit u up.

Cbass: Late

Jack: is that bro lingo you guys are speaking? sick...
by Kshaft January 11, 2011
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The constant barrage of pure, unadulterated lies, misinformation, disinformation and management masterbationand just made up non-sense because of lack of knowledge that is spewed from the mouths of members of management in any given company. Most often, Laxative Lingo is spewed from members of management that are completely incompetent and unqualified to be in their positions and are highly over paid. Many Laxative Lingo spewing managers have achieved their roles because of the Peter Principle.
John: Hey Bill. How are things down in accounting these days?
Bill: How do you think they are? The CFO is an idiot. He can't count to ten and like the rest of management here, spews nothing but Laxative Lingo every time he opens his mount.

John: This is terrible place to work. Thanks for reminding me.
by Eaton Holgoode April 11, 2013
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Communication between ethnic groups or races that is meant not to be shared outside of that group or race.
A lot of negative information about people in this country is communicated by way of intra-lingo
by Portia B. October 10, 2008
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Urban language spoken mostly by the youth. Often referred by the elders and middle aged to describe urban words used by the youth.
I can't understand your hip lingo Sonny.
by CaptainTeemo February 17, 2016
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lol/lolz = laugh out loud
1337 = see leet
rofl/rotfl = rolling on the floor laughing
stfu = shut the f*ck up
stmfhub = shut the motherf*cking h*ll up bi*ch
g2g/gtg = got to go
omg = oh my god
wtf? = what the f*ck
wtfwt = what the f*ck was that?
meh = tch
wth = what the heck/what the h*ll
fps = frames per second/ first person shooter
zomg = over used version of omg
haha = haha
gth = go to h*ll
lmao = laughing my a*s off
lmfao = laughing my f*cking a*s off
hacker = someone who cheats
haxer = hacker
u = you
ur = your
4 = for
2 = to
noob = a beginner or someone who is not good
nub = noob
kick = remove
ban = permanently remove
lemme = let me
dunno = dont know
sometin = something
p*ssy = sex
... = ok, i dont really care
g4u = good for you
ferst = first
CS = Good first person shooter
These all i can think of on the top of my head,

The 11yr old CS playa
A game of cs with internet lingo in use

person 1 Dude, wtf?
person 2 stfu noob
person 1 haxer
person 2 lol im 2 good 4 u
person 1 gth haxer
person 2 lmfao why don't you ban me b*tch
person 2 rotfl ur just a nub
person 1 lemme show u sometin
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
Person 2 has left the server
by [iX]-ST-AreNoth December 14, 2006
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