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a potent musk resonating from your pointer,middle, and ring fingers after long hot night with a disheveled, unkempt woman
I took this girl home last night and stayed up all night with her hooking up, but when she left this morning all i could smell from my hands was the leftover linger finger.
by bigsmolz1 March 07, 2011
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What a girl calls it when she runs her finger down a guys arm or chest and lets it linger all the way down
"Bianca used the linger finger on Matt before she left."
by Dj Cupcake and Dj BearClaw October 10, 2009
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When a girl puts her finger near her mans butthole during sexual relations, and the butt smell lingers on her fingers for hours. Even after several hand washings
Every time I sip my champagne I smell the linger finger!
by SaggyballsSander April 02, 2015
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Artheretic women lingers her finger on a midgets sweaty knee cap during oral sex while her pussy juice flows from her nostrils and a horrible smell is released from the midgets pleasure spot on a sunny day in January.
That linger finger stank like pussy in the raw!
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by Lemon Faggot January 21, 2018
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