A day to celebrate the art of pick-up lines; where failure and success are both equally celebrated. A day which challenges even the Masters of Pick-Up Lines to be more creative and original, and possibly more riske.
National Pick Up Line Day gave Mag 09, the founders of this treasured holiday, the confidence to try them on everyone they came into contact with.
by Mag09 November 12, 2007
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A cheesy term one can give someone if they are absolutely stunning.
Mike: "Bro that new girl Rebecca looking absolutely fine ngl".
Ben: "Yeah bro I bet her chromosomes line up nicely"
by TomMoore May 17, 2021
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bottom: "your like a roller coaster, the faster u go the louder I scream"
top: 😳
top: "Is that a pick up line or do you really want me to go faster 😏"
bottom: "😳 I- I-"
by me_i_am-bottom November 15, 2021
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Instead of a pick up line this goes straight to the bedroom
by Hsstwqfjy$zq5nm April 4, 2020
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in 700AD teegans pickup line was "Are you ready for Daddy?", now in 2023 she says, "do you want this fuego?"
Amber: *being normal*
Teegan (pick up line) : "Are you ready for daddy?"
by SerenadingCats September 9, 2023
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This how other men know other men are gay. Can you believe I can write this.
"Tyrone has a line-up (or fade), I'll bet he enjoys the company of Leon."
by urbanmybutt September 21, 2023
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you must be from Tennessee cuz your the only ten i see.
Good pick up lines
by doctorcluck April 11, 2023
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