bottom: "your like a roller coaster, the faster u go the louder I scream"
top: 😳
top: "Is that a pick up line or do you really want me to go faster 😏"
bottom: "😳 I- I-"
by me_i_am-bottom November 15, 2021
A cheesy term one can give someone if they are absolutely stunning.
Mike: "Bro that new girl Rebecca looking absolutely fine ngl".
Ben: "Yeah bro I bet her chromosomes line up nicely"
by TomMoore May 17, 2021
When You Got Somebody Else To Mess With
You got somebody lined up for your 18th?
by Prettyliar June 10, 2017
Instead of a pick up line this goes straight to the bedroom
by Hsstwqfjy$zq5nm April 4, 2020