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A cheesy term one can give someone if they are absolutely stunning.
Mike: "Bro that new girl Rebecca looking absolutely fine ngl".
Ben: "Yeah bro I bet her chromosomes line up nicely"
by TomMoore May 17, 2021
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A term which is used by someone to describe a couple as an example to hope that the couple goals will be implemented into someone's hopeful relationship
*John sees couple Becky and Sam holding hands and eating ice cream*
*John says to his girlfriend Chloe*: This could be us but you playin'
by TomMoore October 19, 2018
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A moving image (or in the great words of pewdiepie: "God I fucking suck"
(some gifs can be seen below)

PS. If pewds sees this, look at the woman's hand ;)
"No, why use normal pictures, if you can use gifs"?
by TomMoore April 11, 2018
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