An unintelligent way man or woman tries to pick up a potential mate with a one hundred percent failure rate. Only works if the person is beyond idiotic or has extreme low self esteem issues, i.e sluts or douche bags.
Examples of Pick-Up Lines:

Example 1:

A creepy man in a bar: *Walks up to intelligent, classy woman* "Are you Latina?"

Classy Lady: " Yes, I'm part Mexican." "Why do you ask?"

Creepy Man: "I have always loved Mexican women."

Classy Lady: *Rolls eyes* "And your point is?" "I have had this line used on me before and let's just say it's quit lame and pathetic." "This is why YOU are single."

Creepy Man: *Mumbles expletives because he got shot down, son!*

Example 2:

Trashy Club Slut: *Staggers up drunkenly to an intelligent "Do you eat lots of Lucky Charms?"

Intellectual Man: *Looks at her oddly* "No......."

Trashy Club Slut: "Because you look magically delicious." *wink,wink as she stumbles some more.*

Intellectual Man: "I think you need to sober up, and no thank you."

Trashy Club Slut: *Mumbles and gets pissed because she got rejected, son!*
by MiVidaCocina July 14, 2014
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A short phrase designed to coerce someone of the opposite sex into having intercourse.
by A College Student January 3, 2005
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Hashtag swag MUST do this to win basketball games. It helps people MAKE free throws AND rebound.
by twinelsona February 8, 2012
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smoothness to get inside of your beotch
1 yo baby yo i lost my bed can i sleep in yours?
2 you must be tired cuz you been runnin threw my mind ALL day
3 i lost my virginity can i have yours? <-- #1
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The act of lining up a group of people, then slapping them down the line, before bringing your hand back down the line for another round of smacking.
by Miguel D October 3, 2005
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Dialogues you use to pick up hot grills
Tryndamere: Will you be my Ashe if I'm your Tryndamere?

Zac: Damn brah, that pick up lines
by xxxkillmeplsxxx December 15, 2015
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This is the line that comes after the pick up line. You've planned what the first thing you are going to say is, why not plan the next one too.
Dude 1: Yo I just used a killer pick up line on this girl I've been crushing on! What do I say next?
Dude 2: What you're looking for is a follow up line. That's the real deal sealer!
by OG Hickory de la Magwa October 23, 2015
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