A Line-up is a sexual event that guys engage in where five dudes kneel on the edge of a bed with their assholes exposed, while another guy who is blindfolded and on his knees on the floor, rims each dude for three minutes trying to make him have a rim-gasm. They keep doing this until everyone blows his load at least twice.
My roomies gave me a Line-up because I jacked off in their night-water, and now I've got their ass-juice taste in my mouth!
by USAF Cadet October 2, 2021
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when u got a group of girls that you talk 2 all the time: girls in rotation
man what u got up 4 2 night, shit i don kno let me go thru tha line up
by Young-Jreal November 7, 2006
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A situation that is guaranteed to be found outside any female toilet at a public event.
Bloody hell, look at the line up outside the sheilas' shitter.
by timmy January 21, 2005
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Hair cut recieved by Gangsters,homo-thug or G's: In whitch your bangs are perpendicular with the sideburns that are made pointy and thin resmbeling the penis in their pants.
yeah dawg, lets go get our illmatic line up's.
by Tevo June 15, 2003
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line-up is when there is one slut who line-ups guys and gives them all head, in other words sucks all their dicks.
for example: there was this girl named jazz stephens* who had about 13 guys line-up and she gave each guy head thats line-up
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To show off and stunt with ones money and possessions. Often attributed to rappers spending money haphazardly.
ayyee!! line up the flex. We bout to hit up the club!!
by shimmyy April 11, 2016
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To line up the flex is to consistently stunt on haters consecutively without remorse.
I bought everything in Ralph Lauren , you know I had to line up the flex.
by AceyFromTheBlock April 27, 2016
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