A line or group of men, usually in surplus to the ratio of women. This is particularly prevalent at bars and clubs. The fact that most men insist on patronizing these establishments to "get some pussy" is a mystery.

Rob: "Lets go to that new bar on Main."
Ed: "I heard that place is a fucking sausage line-up."
Rob: "No man, you know we'll get laid."

"After having been for many years in a committed relationship, Jay went to a club known for its wide abundance of women. Jay found out with much dismay that this place was nothing more than a wall-to-wall sausage line-up. Jay then did what any other male would do in such circumstances; he went home and watched pornography on his computer."
by R.U. Sirius August 1, 2008
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A potentially friendly or social situation in which everybody stays as far away from each other as possible in order to avoid social contact.

This is a common scene in Vancouver, Canada at a bus stop, where 20 people will be standing as far apart from each other in a random pattern. Apparently afraid they might accidentally make friends with other people, these folks maintain a healthy personal space bubble of at least 10 feet.
I went to the networking event, but it was a total Vancouver bus line up situation, so I left.
by Vancouverguy January 11, 2011
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When You Got Somebody Else To Mess With
You got somebody lined up for your 18th?
by Prettyliar June 10, 2017
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"if you hit the county you goin' have to line it up" - Nipsey Hussle
by in the hood August 12, 2009
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I wish I could line it up every night but I'm a broke-ass hoodrat!
by nose April 25, 2003
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