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outrageously overpriced donation thingee. An overpriced item bought for the purpose of supporting a cause or organization. Originally coined by the online retailer Glarkware at the beginning of the 21st century.
PBS always offers OODTs during their membership drives.
by SpeakEasy July 17, 2004
a female fan of the singer Clay Aiken
My mom is a total Claymate!
by SpeakEasy November 30, 2003
a fan of the band the White Stripes; from the band's Peppermint Star logo
My friend and I are hard-core candy cane kids.
by SpeakEasy November 8, 2003
A person heavily involved in the club scene of the late 80s and early 90s. This term was mainly used by people who were part of the scene, before it became more well-known and the synonym club kid was coined by the mainstream media.
The movie Party Monster is a good insight into the celebutante scene - even though most of them didn't kill and dismember their drug dealers like Michael Alig did.
by SpeakEasy June 17, 2004
a fanfiction story that is based on a song, and incorporates lyrics from said song
I read a Murder By Numbers songfic last night based on a John Mayer song.
by SpeakEasy November 13, 2003
one with little talent or success; a contestant who loses the contest
Cold Mountain look like it's on its way to being an Oscar also-ran.
by SpeakEasy January 3, 2004
My balehead friends and I got together last night to watch Newsies, American Psycho and Shaft.
by SpeakEasy July 17, 2004