Like the Channel; A Place For Battered Women

The movies are the best, low-budget, D-list actors, Real "teen" issues

The movies are kind of Troma Production like in their crude low-budget manners.

The movies have really bad plots that are easy to laugh at and make fun of.

Such as; She's Too Young- a whole Junior High gets syphilis from giving'receiving oral

Cyber Seduction-A "typical" teen gets addicted to internet porn (the breaking point for the parents was not the thousands of dollars their son was spending on porn, but when he got kicked of the swim team because he was too busy masturbating.

you can rent these movies too, or just watch them on LIfetime, because they are always on.
They are all instant classics
by Rad_ August 21, 2005
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Misandristic propaganda potboiler films aimed at teaching women that all men are abusive rapists.

The protagonist usually is a female who wishes to escape from her drunken husband or a young adult who is kidnapped and raped.

There are many different lifetime movies, but all have a the same plot.
Person 1: Would you like to watch a lifetime movie?
Person 2: No, I have much better things to do.
by bikk April 25, 2010
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Movies with actors who portray Americans despite the fact they have Canadian accents.
It’s not clear where this takes place until the ending reveals it’s in Pennsylvania, though the Keystone State is “played” by Ottawa, Canada as is typical in Lifetime movies.
by Scarie Carrie October 28, 2019
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The term "Lifetime movie bad" refers to when a film is poorly produced, has cheap cinematography, poor editing, and an overused concept and storyline.

The actors in these films are usually unknowns, D-Listers, or washed-up performers who may have had one Oscar worthy performance, but then their careers went to crap shortly thereafter. Most of the actors milk their emotions to the point of over-exaggeration.
This term came from the fact that Lifetime movies are poorly produced that it need not be shown in the cinema. It is strictly made-for-TV.
Average Joe: "I heard that new Sarah Jessica Parker movie sucked".

Tom: "Yeah man. Talk about Lifetime Movie bad. Plot sucked and the acting was cheap".
by ThrashBash September 21, 2013
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Fatal syndrome leading to the sudden death of any individual who has been subjected to ridiculously cheesy films with titles so lame they should be illegal. Also known as LMS.
My mom watched 3 Lifetime movies yesterday and got Lifetime Movie Syndrome. She's no longer with us.
by average josephina March 4, 2013
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One of the lowest critiques a movie can ever receive. Lifetime movie bad is commonly used to describe a movie that tackles "women's issues" with excess drama, mediocre actors, and a lame script, while the movie ends with a cliche "I live in the suburbs" ending.
Dude, "A Walk to Remember" was not even awful. It was "Lifetime movie bad".
by Illiterate children in February 18, 2008
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Launched as a sister network to the well-known "Lifetime" cable channel. It started in June of 1998 and nothing much has changed about the network other than the network expanded the movie time slots from 105 minutes to 120 minutes to accomodate more advertising. It professes through its network promos that it shows movies "24/7" although every morning at 2:30 there is a slew of infomercials. The overall theme of the network is simply movies for women and to a marginal extent "female empowerment". A good portion of its movies come from the original Lifetime network, others are made-for-tv movies from other networks, and there are some (but few) select theatrical films. All the movies aired on LMN have at the very best C-grade cinematography, C-grade acting, C-grade script, and just has an overall "generic" feel. The types of movies LMN shows is just drama and only drama but to appear more "sophisticated" the LMN online schedule breaks down Drama into several sub-categories such as "Inspiring, Love/Lust, Justice, Thrilling, Madness, and Vengeance". The whole network is like an analogy of a soap opera. Every movie has pretty much the same concept but different version. The overall plot formula for these movies is: woman or woman's family member gets into a situation throughout the whole movie the woman and/or her family members struggles to overcome the problem. Bottom line, the network just shows a bunch of garbage that is no different than reading cheap romance novels or the National Enquirer.
Here are a few examples of movie titles on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN):

"Mother, May I Sleep with Danger"

"My Son, My Lover" (Is this "female empowerment"?

"Deadly Web"

"Dangerous Child"

"Going for Broke"

If you don't want to drive down to Hollywood video or rent a movie via Netflix then by all means just kill 2 hours by watching a movie on Lifetime Movie Network if you can stand the cardboard characters and storyline.


L Low-Budget
M Movie
N Network
Lifetime Movie Network (LMN): a sad excuse for a woman-oriented movie channel.
by Blaine58449 October 15, 2008
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