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the act of raping a girl with the aid of numerous morally corrupt men/friends

the girl gets ravaged from the inside out due to the numerous and consecutive erections inserted viciously inside her hoot-nanny

i feel bad for that one chick who got chain raped in Oaktizzy last month. She said her hoot-nanny was scarred and bloody

damn man
by Illiterate children in February 7, 2008
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That one girl/guy every student knows fornicates with the teacher after class in order to pass the class. An ass for pass can be easily identified due to the great grade in a particular class but a relatively low I.Q. level.
That ass for pass in AP Literature class gives more than just apples to the teacher.
by Illiterate children in February 8, 2008
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One of the lowest critiques a movie can ever receive. Lifetime movie bad is commonly used to describe a movie that tackles "women's issues" with excess drama, mediocre actors, and a lame script, while the movie ends with a cliche "I live in the suburbs" ending.
Dude, "A Walk to Remember" was not even awful. It was "Lifetime movie bad".
by Illiterate children in February 18, 2008
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That CREEPY person with the terrifying habit of finding out EVERY single bit of personal information through an online profile after adding you as a friend on social networking sites
Ever since that person added my friend online, he knows all about my best friend but doesn't even know her! What a friendophile!
by Illiterate children in April 2, 2008
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A whole other dimension in the universe, more commonly known as the annoying layer of air in common packaged snacks that detracts from facilitated consumption and enjoyment
Dude, I paid $2 for a bag of chips, and all I got was snacklessphere.
by Illiterate children in March 30, 2008
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A sexually violent act SO atrocious in nature committed by man towards a woman that no moral boundaries can reconcile.

They emerged from the strain of YouTube videos named "Unforgivable."

An unforgivable tends to occur by drinking-age males who find themselves with an unrelentingly pious girl refusing to commit any acts of imprudence,

Dude: "Bitch, make me a sandwich."
Chick: "But it's 3 o'clock in the morning!"
Dude: "Bitch, I don't care. MAKE ME A SANDWICH NOW!"
Chick: "But-"
*guy slaps her and runs train on her*
Dude: "Bitch, I told you to MAKE ME A SANDWICH!"

by Illiterate children in January 31, 2008
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