One of the lowest critiques a movie can ever receive. Lifetime movie bad is commonly used to describe a movie that tackles "women's issues" with excess drama, mediocre actors, and a lame script, while the movie ends with a cliche "I live in the suburbs" ending.
Dude, "A Walk to Remember" was not even awful. It was "Lifetime movie bad".
by Illiterate children in February 18, 2008
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The term "Lifetime movie bad" refers to when a film is poorly produced, has cheap cinematography, poor editing, and an overused concept and storyline.

The actors in these films are usually unknowns, D-Listers, or washed-up performers who may have had one Oscar worthy performance, but then their careers went to crap shortly thereafter. Most of the actors milk their emotions to the point of over-exaggeration.
This term came from the fact that Lifetime movies are poorly produced that it need not be shown in the cinema. It is strictly made-for-TV.
Average Joe: "I heard that new Sarah Jessica Parker movie sucked".

Tom: "Yeah man. Talk about Lifetime Movie bad. Plot sucked and the acting was cheap".
by ThrashBash September 21, 2013
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