liberal retards, used when a liberal is being a retard !!!
by caviera May 9, 2022
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a blind believer of left wing politics who is unable to think for themselves and easily swayed by the media
libtard: i love AOC
by anon20001995 November 15, 2021
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A person who associates with the liberal political movement all while trying to paradoxically halt freedoms like speech and encourage thought policing.
Look at those libtards trying to control others behavoir. Clearly they do not understand the true meaning of liberal.
by twotwenty July 13, 2021
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An extreme left winged individual who is is weak-willed and believes socialism is good, despite this they call the right nazis yet they will cancel you for having your own opinion. Only happy when offended by something and has nothing better to do than waste their time disliking other definitions of libtard.
Karen: You don't want to date a transgender? Your a transphobe!

John: Ok libtard
by mewhenthewhen21 April 9, 2021
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Anyone not sufficiently conservative, as measured by fans of Fox News personalities, or AM hate radio hosts.
"You WISH 'The Factor' was comically biased toward the right, libtard. Why do you hate America?"
by bonboy October 25, 2007
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N. Combination of liberal and retard
Used derogatorily by conservatives/Republicans for liberals/Democrats
Pl. Libtards

"Libterd", related and created using possibly this word as a foundation, or possibly from a different source as a combination of Liberal and Terd, without the prior knowledge of Libtard
Yea, Libtard, I guess you want free health-care too?!
by JRW January 24, 2005
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a word conservatives use when they are losing terribly in an argument
does it work? yes. very VERY well
AK: man you're an ass

JL: you're such a libtard
by okaybuddy420 May 12, 2020
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