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Common acronym in MMo's... means looking for team
lvl 30 player lft doing quests.
by RedClaw September 16, 2004
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Live For This:

a way of life; a source for entertainment; your reason for living
LFT has the best news in entertainment, concerts and music
by mr.getitright July 21, 2011
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Little flying thing. They often appear in warmer temperatures.
"Damn, there are a lot of LFTs out tonight (swats hands around)!"
by superajkfdn May 21, 2009
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i'm lft see you next week at the party.
-we should hang out tomorrow!
-yeah i'm lfti
by gossipgirlxxoxox September 03, 2010
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Low Faggot Tolerance

means that someone who isn't necessarily intolerant but has a very short temper with people who act in a faggot manner, mind you the term "faggot" here is not always used to describe people with homosexual orientation but individuals (mostly guys) acting or speaking in a way that resembles a total faggot (an example is a guy acting like a very girly girl).

symptoms of LFT show in twitches or quick involuntary movement of limbs which may cause injury or be misunderstood as offensive.
guy (subject) : *in a very thin intentional girl-like tone* i went shopping yesterday and it was fab-u-lous ... after that i went and had myself an enormous bawl of strawberry sunday, i gotta watch my diet or my thighs won't let me wear my new panties like you do honey ...

girl\guy : *twitches* ... *involuntary army movement causing the drinks to spill from the table and the glass to hit the subject in its face causing minor wounds*

guy(subject) : * in a girly tone* HATE CRIME .. YOU'RE RACIST .. YOU HATE PEOPLE LIKE ME

girl\guy : no seriously it was just a reaction from my LFT condition .. please don't sue me >_<
by Me.Him.Them September 14, 2009
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