to go f***ing lewy is to kick off when drunk as f**k. An example would be trying to play on the computer with his mobile phone.
he is about to go lewy.
by adamrome86 October 29, 2007
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To turn left. Used with Ralph and Dave; Left; Right; and Straight ahead. Named for David Ralph Lewis who in the mid 60's in Duluth Minnesota stole many cars for joyriding and to see how many times he could roll the cars. A pure manic who died of cancer at 27 years. Since then "Hang a Lewy", "Hang a Ralph" or "do a David" have entered the popular lexicon.
Hang a Lewy.
by Biker451 July 09, 2009
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this is when a person decides to drink or smoke to much and pass out and puke and/or cry and/or piss themselves all over the place in the presence of other people
dude i heard u pulled a lewy yesterday, yea i did i puked all over myself
by bob09090 December 26, 2011
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A name given to only the most gayest and twink-i-est of boys. Once a parent notices a significant amount of gay in him, they take him to the Council of Gayniggers. The Gayniggers shall judge him by the tightness of his ass, and then penetrate him. If this child is indeed the gayest of gays, he shall be named Lewy. This boy will be cursed to be ridiculed by other people his age and raped in locker rooms forever. Show no pity for Lewy, for he is teh gey.
Idiot 1: Lewy is so badass and sexy!

Idiot 2: You know he's gay right?

Idiot 1: lolwut!

Idiot 2: Yeah, I heard he got raped by a bunch of Mexicans in the locker room and he was screaming, "CUM INSIDE MY ASS!!!"

Idiot 1: What.
by DidAniggoeRapeYou October 30, 2011
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A lewy is a blow job named after Monica Lewinski, the most famous cock sucker in history.
Hey baby, why don't you crawl under this desk and give me a lewy!
by Fairbanks September 10, 2007
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