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A cute nickname for a hot guy of the name Lewis. Lewies always know how to get a girl hooked on them and do anything for them, but they always care about the girl a great deal more than the girl knows. They are so sweet and their girl feels like she is living in a fairy tail. If she begins to loose intrest Lewies will always worry that it is their fault when it usually never is. Lewie's are kind-hearted and caring guys who put themselves out for the one they love.
Person 1: Lewie took me to watch the sunset last night. He said the sweetest things, I feel like I am in a fairytale.

Person 2: Lucky you have a Lewie. He is such a Lewie. I am forever alone.
by smillleee August 13, 2012
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One of several ways to spell the name most often spelled Louis/Louie. It is also (in my experience at least)proably the version most often misspelled by people - they always want to replace the "e" with an "s".
Teacher: Excuse me young man, you seemed to have mispelled your name. Shouldn't it be L-E-W-I-E?
Lewie: (Screaming as he jumps out the nearest window) My name is Lewie. IT IS NOT LEWIS.
by Lewie Bowman January 12, 2009
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A cool guy, usually the first person to talk to when you just want to go party.
He may be one of the largest people you find, ending up at around 6' with big hands and feet. You will find the voice of a Lewie will be deep and matured, and can be bent to fill in many impersonations.
I was at this party with this Lewie dude and we did prank calls, he sounded just like an Asian man working at a Chinese restaurant!
by COOKIEMONSTER789 May 22, 2011
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