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an invitation for sex
in 'polite' grammatical form "lets fuck" would be
"say,we should have sexual intercourse"
man: heres the pizza you ordered
woman: i didnt order a pizza
man: lets fuck!
by Haberdasher December 11, 2005

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What the HECK?
what in the world?
short form of "What the fuck?"

commonly used when trying to understand something incomprehensable
Ikurama Masato the foreign exchange student from japan read the newb's post in the forum / chat room and proclaimed "da fuck isu hi tarukin abaato? yuusu riaru engirishu idiato!" and promptly began typing his insulting reply.
by Haberdasher April 06, 2005

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1]short for: 'Fancy Meeting You Here'
and wonderful instant messenger replacement word for the boring: WB (welcome back)

2]can be used to sarcasticly or cheesily hit on people on an instant messenger list. also quite effective for scaring off newbs in forums, when used in combinating with additional creepy pick-ups

3]one of those instant messenger phrases phrases people make up when they are bored and/or skipping homework.
sammy: one sec. ill brb
chanel: kk
(a little later)
sammy: back
chanel: FMYH
sammy: uhh...yeah...fancy that.lol

Newbie_gurl:leik OMG! taht was teh most roxxoing movei evr!
hackerguy_69: FMYH my little sex kitten
Newbie_gurl: eww... I R never comin back to this stupid forum
hackerguy_69: owned your ass newb
hackerguy_69: ... is roxxoring a word? crap, the fbi is here again cause i crashed the pentagons mainframe.
virusmaker42: gawd, again? do you ever use that anti tracing shit i gave you?

zack: my life is boring. so is homework.
chanel: let's add new definitions to *urbandictionary.com* because we have nothing better to do than to trying and start fads that we will never be credited for!
zack: wow awesome idea!
by Haberdasher June 09, 2005

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