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An inventive way of saying things are excellent. A way of expressing emotion.
1 I got a 2L bottle of vodka for a tenner
2 That is medium rare!
by budgie1989 October 17, 2008
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Slang: A womans vagina.

Reference- Will have a fully red, warm center. Used to jokingly describe the vagina due to its approximate temperature, and coloration.
Male to Female: "Say girl, when you gonna come over and let me get some of that medium-rare?"

Male to male friend: Dawg its been a few days, I need to get some medium rare!
by J_Hoss November 17, 2009
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With roots from as far back as the Roman conquest of Britain, the word mediumrare (derived from the Celtic-Roman phrase, medi um'rar, meaning to please greatly) means an immensely satisfying chunk of sexual beef.
I sure would like to take that mediumrare home...
by Hotwoman6969 May 03, 2004
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"The only thing a period stop is a sentence BabyGirl"

Ex. DAMN. You still on ya period? Well Fuck it… I'll have it Medium Rare!
by BabyGoatBilli April 15, 2017
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During sexual intercourse, it is when a condom is used for half of the time, usually towards the time of male ejaculation
I don't like it raw. I wouldn't want to risk it, so I just go medium rare.
by FluffyTons January 26, 2017
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