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Someone who is good at sports. Loves to be around people, but doesn't show it. Keeps a very straight and serious face. He's always up for a good laugh though. Hides his love for many. Doesn't express too many emotions at once for sake of being humiliated. Overall a fun guy. If you ever meet someone named Leevi, get a chance to be his friend. It will be a true and great friendship. Blond leevi's are the best.
Leevi swished that basketball.

Leevi is the bomb
by Toilet Paper March 07, 2014
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In late 2016 AD or 3 B.C.V., Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America.
by JDS12 March 27, 2020
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He is a very kinky bastard and has an average sized penis. Loved by all especially gingers who buy him drinks
by Leeviwhite December 02, 2019
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leevi is hot boy. he is very good at all sport. he play icehockey and basketball. every girl thinks he is cute but they don’t tell him that. leevi doesn’t fall in love. Leevi fall in love the girl who has the best personality REAL heart. leevi has lot of friends but his friends is not real. Leevi’s one friend named Jackson is leevi’s real friend. Leevi ride his bike very fast and do his school homework very very very fast. Leevi tell what his heart wants. Leevi is such amazing person in world. just be with him. don’t let him go
”i think leevi is hot”
”so please tell him that”
uhg i can’t maybe i just wanna be his friend”
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by onelittlegirl October 23, 2018
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