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Located Right smack in the middle of nowhere. Lebanon high school is located in the middle of a cornfield. This school is full of self loathing dumbasses that are so far up their parents bank account it's even funny.90% of the student body is white.5%latino,3%black,2%other. This school is known for the shitty parties where everyone acts Drunk when in reality it's watered down vodka because they don't want their parents to know their stealing it. And everyone Fucks each other for attention. Nobody dates at this school. Small town, half the parties are held at the teachers houses. if you choose to talk to somebody, your pictures will get sent around faster than Caloahan speed walking to block traffic for the busses. The only mediocre thing here is Friday Night lights. If you are unfortunate enough to attend a Friday night light.Good luck with parking.And if you see some white girls in too small of clothing carrying McDonald's styrofoam cups and they claim it is"sweet tea" don't be fooled. It's alchohol. Prom at LHS is the only one where everyone "gets lit"(or grinds) to "no hands" by Waka Flocka Flame and "all star"(shrek song). Winter formal, They talk up a big game but when your in middle of having a good time they'll pull you out of the crowd and breathilize you. You have the choir,the religious,emo kids,

GSA,black people,wannabe black people,AP overachievers,

student athletes,and if your not any of those then welcome to ultimate frisbee! Let's not forget to SEIZE THE DAY!
P1: I want to go to a school that's kinda between white trash and white privilege

P2: did you try lebanon high school?
by Perfumepicture June 05, 2017
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Prison run by the one and only myra Jane Sloan.
Person 1: I love lebanon high school
Person 2: why? It's literally a prison. There's only one way out and one way in and the gates close at 9pm so no one else can get in and no one else can leave. There's no way to leave because all around the school is gated with barbwire fence.
by A sad child at lhs November 30, 2013
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A place, located in the middle of a corn field, in a town no one cares about. A place where you have to get up a 5:00 just to catch the bus. A place where not only are you the least priority to the school board, but also require those who have to walk to school to do so in -5 degrees. Don't talk to anyone here. The parties are so bad you'd be better off sticking your head in a meat tenderizer. They always are trying to "stop bullying", but if you report an incident they will simply write you a pass to see the school counselor. This place is full of depressed, desperate southern wannabes who cut themselves for attention. There are no clubs for you here. If you are any race besides white, be get ready for the 90% of students there to destroy your will to live with racism. Kids here also think holocaust jokes are "funny". If you do manage to meet a nice person, pictures of you and said person will become Instagram fodder. Just give it 5 minutes. Oh, yeah, don't join a club due to peer pressure. Because you know they lay that on you heavily. Next time you can, get flight lessons from the ONLY pilot in town at his hangar a few miles from the school. I recommend you fly far away the minute you enter that crop duster.
Person 1: I hate my school.
Person 2: Lebanon High School is currently hosting a year-round "scared straight" program.
by AhoyMisterSqueeshward January 26, 2018
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