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high healed shoes left on during sex.
Hey check out the one in the come fuck me pumps.
Nice. But I've got my eye on the girl with the leave ons.
by onionman July 30, 2007
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"Leave on" is the English translation of the Hungarian slang "Hagyd Rรก".

The actual meaning of this slang is:

Not to worry about it, let it go, drop it.

This term is not centralised to a certain area of practice, therefore it shall be free to use anywhere around world.
"Leave on, she's ugly."
"Leave on that car mate, you can find better."
by Sterling0x1 December 17, 2017
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shoes that have a design on the bottom that you leave on during sex, so that way the design is faced up towards the roof.
I went to payless and saw these shoes with flowers on the bottom of man told me to buy cause they sould like leave-ons.
by J. LaShea May 22, 2008
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