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The results of being a new male inmate. The new inmate finds them self being used for the sexual gratification of other inmates, causing injuries to the anus.
The new inmate after a night in the Holding Tank found himself standing with his back to the rear of the cell, because he was unable to sit because of suffering from jail seat.
by I got Rossed December 28, 2009
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1. A person who is so uniquely inept at social interaction, that they can not be described in a singular fashion of adjectives to describe their stupidity.
2. A person who is incapable of conscious thought beyond that of a gold fish, often found walking about with their mouth open.
3. A person who is is such a tool that using a singular tool as a description would not do justice in describing the person.
1. The boss often walked about the office neither making small talk or complimenting the employee. He is a real tool.. No, a total Leatherman!
2. In observing the boss walk about the office with his mouth agape it sure became obvious the guy is a Leatherman.
3. When talking to the boss it sure became apparent that he is a Leatherman.
by I got Rossed December 29, 2009
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When your boss, business associate, friend, lover or other person you trust does something to cause harm to you in ways that may be personal or professional with long lasting affect
ex: I was rossed hard and raw when my boss turned in my proposal under his name and was promoted for "his" hard work and never once mentioned my name.

ex: I got rossed when my girlfriend left me for my best friend.
by I got Rossed August 3, 2008
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