When a person is shown to be soft on the court/field.
You a f****ng gerber
by Trillgod February 21, 2019
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Something so simple that it's for babies, just like Gerber baby food.
That test was freakin' Gerber!
by stop it loser March 9, 2011
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*francisco= yo cuddy how was that chemistry test.
*miguel= that shit was gerber
*francisco= oh aii man is it really gerber or semi gerber
*miguel= is that peach flavor gerber... soggy but easy to swallow
*francisco= YEA BUDDY ima a's that test
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A gerber or a dutty gerber is a gross and nasty lookin shordy.
It can also be used to describe a man who does not practice maintaining health and preventing disease.
Yo my cro, that shordy over there is a dutty gerber.
She saggin, and being lookin like a gerber.
by Jackson gribaldo March 11, 2019
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To act like a baby or infant
To be a Gerber Baby; have traits similar to that of a baby
To appear or act younger than one's age
To have thin hair like a baby
To be chubby like a baby
To ingest food normally used as sustenance for newborns
To have invested in Gerber Insurance
"Sean, you are such a Gerber Baby!" (Sean is obviously behaving in a gerbish fashion)
"Hey, Gerbs!" (a Gerber Baby's presence is made obvious)
"Yo, Gerbmosis the third!"
(someone obviously has an unhealthy knowledge of Ancient Egyptian monarchs as well as a slow wit)
by Lakeport February 18, 2007
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To get babied or bullied in any way, word originated by a drippy male by the name of ian kollie
by 612Yusi May 13, 2019
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Any sexual activity leading into the result of "Gerber Sauce".
Girl 2: What the hell were you doing last night?
Girl 2: My man was giving me some Gerber....damn it was good.
by A.O.S. August 27, 2007
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