refers to sprite that has been mixed with liq. hydrocodone or codine perscription cough syrup. Taken in quantity these syrups cause users nerves to shut down, including optical. Although the buzz is cleaner then alcohol, it will amplify the effects. Popular around the huston area and its hard to find a atl-ian not totin some of that purple shit. Whatever made this dumb fucker think a purple sprite is some kinda goody bag is beyond me. So tip me a thumbs up and keep sippin that sis-urp.
"high as a kite.... cause im leanin on that purple sprite"
by D-evil November 11, 2005
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purple sprite is codiene cough syrup and sprite, mixed to perfection and is a favorite in Houston and Dallas Texas
no matter where you at in Texas, we be sippin that purple sprite and gettin fucked the fuck up.
by dallas fen October 31, 2005
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when u mix that purple drank aka codeine promethazine in sprite. originated in h-town texas.
I fill a big bank, and drank drank
Thats why i got a purple sprite, and y'all aint
by PureTexan October 28, 2005
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extremely bueno with purple syrup. gets you fucked up
damn fool this is some good purple sprite. im so fucked up
by kckillray January 17, 2008
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large bag of highly potent drugs, usually cocaine.
I got a purple sprite, an' ya'll ain't.
by Seymour Butkis September 27, 2005
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