leaking is oozing pre-cum out of your dick when you've been stroking your cock for a long time.
I was leisurely stroking my cock while watching porn for three hours, and I was leaking the whole time!
by USAF Cadet July 31, 2021
Verb/Rap slang: Another way of saying write.

Noun: Informal and uncommon word for a pen.

"The pencil it leak on the sheet" (Lyric)
The pencil wrote on the sheet / He-She used the pencil to write / The pencil/pen/marker was used to write.

"Leak it down"
Write it down

"Pass the leak"
Pass the pen
by anonymityISperdurable August 1, 2008
A measurable and visibly powerful stream of tears and water flowing from the eyes and nose of a female.
After an afternoon of Brad Pit and Russell Crow tear-jerkers, my awareness of sniffling was heightened and I turned quickly to find my woman 'leaking' from every hole in her face.
by Necralung April 10, 2007
When a person in prison gets cut in the face with a razor and he's bleeding uncontrolably.
"I saw this dude on little buggy they drive around the prison yard, and he had about 3 white t-shirts wrapped around his face and them shits was rapidly turnin red B. They leaked the shit out that dude."
by Shylock Jones September 6, 2006
It is typically seen when one does not accommodate the needs of the team and is stupid stubborn because they just pretend to listen, literally in one ear and out any available orifice. This constant behavior is fueled by their profuse ignorance of simple life tasks, and causes them to be unreliable and an all-around rookie at life,
Rookie was steadily leaking into everyone's space with his constant gibberish and impractical thought process.
by whathappenedtothatbird August 4, 2011
a slow internal bleeding that begins, often without a person knowing it, due to a foreign object being lodged in the body (i.e. a shard or small particle from a bullet).
Many of today's handgun bullets tend to break up and disperse inside the shooting victim's body, causing a steady leak, which can be fatal since it's difficult to detect.
by D.S. Credito March 18, 2015
(Informal) to urinate, to piss, relieve oneself. (Crude. Use caution with the topic. Usually in reference to a male.) I gotta take a leak. Man, it felt so good to finally take a leak.
by Fearless Freddie July 17, 2014