Langley, British Columbia.

A small city in Canada about an hour away from Vancouver.
Ay, where you from?
Oh I'm from the LBC.

Representin' the LBC, yo.
by mizTess August 9, 2006
it's long Long Beach California...
everybody's talking about Snoop - but Sublime was well ahead of him, example lyrics from 'Doin' Time"
Summertime and the living's easy
And Bradley's on the microphone w/ ras m.g.
All the people in the dance will agree
That we are well qualified to represent the LBC
eff you easties... - we're from LBC!
by BP-SUCKS June 19, 2010
girl: do u have a bbc or a lbc?
boy: L.B.C
by whgdehvwhdhe October 22, 2020
They said he had a BBC but when I went down on him he had more like a LBC.
by Bbcwhore October 4, 2018
Long Beach Compound is a gated summer beach resort about 80km west of Alexandria on Egypt's Mediterranean North Coast, often called sa7el or sahel. It is known for its quiet, mostly empty white sandy beach, lack of dangerous undertow, and confusing road plan.
BK: Hey guys. Who's heading up to LBC for the long weekend?
MY: We're going to sa7el but we'll be at X beach this time
by KhalifaB July 23, 2019
Long Beach City: A city outside of Los Angeles. A nice place to visit, just don't get caught up in the bad side.
I've been to LBC, one of my friends lives there.
by Bran May 23, 2004