Long Beach, California; An acronym used by West Coast rappers in the 1990's and early 2000's to reference Long Beach and/or Compton, California.
Hit the east side of the LBC, on a mission trying to find Mr. Warren G
by Wolffpack1995 November 9, 2014
Lonely Bastards Club
Guys who don't have girlfriends that only hang out with their other friends without girlfriends. Many join this club around holidays such as Christmas and New Years when they wish they had a girlfriend but instead they hang out with their other LBC friends.
LBC 1: You want to hang out after the ball drops?

LBC 2: Sure

LBC 1: Welcome to the LBC
by shawnthelonelysoul January 1, 2012
Little Big City. Describing how a rapper may be from a big city but all the rappers and gang members know one another just like if they lived in a small town.
There is so much drama in the LBC it's kind of hard being...
by ksflyer September 27, 2017
N: Lickable-Butthole & Clittoris chick meaning a top notch bitch! Only 5% of the women in the world are this hot.
Timmy said, "Damn that's an lbc over yonder for sure. Wish I had a chance for a piece of that!"
by Treez DT January 3, 2011
Ladner, British Columbia. A small town, 20 minutes South of Vancouver in Canada.
"I live in the LBC."
by Seth March 30, 2005
Hood gang located in Yreka California. Consists of a feww sophomores known to be active members. Some tags have been seen, and petty crimes consist of tormenting others and stealing from Rite-Aid.
LBC aka Lime Blue Crew is the thug of all thugs in Nor*Cal.
by BetweenR-and-S March 6, 2009
"Little Boy crush" having a crush on a little boy. Mainly in USY.
Im totally LBC'ing him right now!
by USY-er May 16, 2011