Short for Lucky Boys Confusion. Lucky Boys Confusion is a rock band from the Chicago suburbs in DuPage County. Known as LBC by their fans, the group has built a dedicated following by touring furiously throughout the midwest prior to their first major label release in 2001 and continuing to tour relentlessly since then throughout the nation.
LBC's music has been described as a mix of punk, ska, and hip hop.
I just went to a LBC concert. It was fucking amazing; I was pretty stoned.
by wubba November 17, 2005
it stands for LONG BEACH CRIPS or LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA interchangibly, dickwads, not Long Beach City.
i know these things, i'm the princess of long beach. literally.

too many to tell.

"I just got back from the LBC, man!"
"I'm part of the LBC, nig!"
by mel electrique January 11, 2007
Lower Bucks County (The Northeast suburbs of Philadelphia)
I roll from the LBC. The mean streets of Richboro yo.
by IPHardly April 4, 2007
London's Biggest Conversation
An UK talk FM radio station on 97.3 FM.
What you listening to?
Iain Lee On LBC 97.3 FM.
by ChrisJP August 29, 2007
The Hoffman Estates Police Department arrested 8 delinquents for vandilism in the local area, their vadalizers crew name is LBC.
by You Already Know Who It IS August 8, 2009
Lax Bro Chill, to be the chillest bros out there you have to play lax and be chill, To just chill and hangout while laxn and drinking
by tjlax September 24, 2009
Life before children
I remember when I used to be able to stay out all night, but that was LBC
by Otacuj October 22, 2015